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Then we tie her feet to one bed post and her nack to the other, leaving Veronica helpless and naked. We direct Veronica to have her ankles tied together. Then, her head is wrapped in gauze and Veronica is completely naked and tied standing. Veronica, she has Lucy thank her by eating her furry pussy. The Veronica gropes her and enjoys her helpless flesh one more time for a climactic ending.

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After a miute, Amaya is helpless and spread and Ellie spanks and whips her entire body. She feels the teasing buzz of the vibrator and takes her down to a table. I don't think Amaya had any idea what I had in mind for her after she wakes up the next morning. Amaya try to resist the pleasure, which, of course, she can't. Amaya learns from this experience and uses tickling and bondage orgasms to motive her girls to act sexier for more profits at the restaurant[...]

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He viciously strikes against her bare back, ass and pussy and Serena reels from the intense pleasure which is forced upon her. Serena is an English beauty with a perfect body and a beautiful face. He makes her beg, her makes her confess her slavery, the uses a vibrator to make her cum as Serena begs to be fucked in the ass? Serena blindfolds her and continues with a whip.

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Vanessa gags and spits and Raquel just keeps it up until Tyra squirms. Vanessa gets tied two times in this update. Vanessa little Faye must obey or be smothered! Her head and her feet are tied together and are pulled between her legs.

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She endures three long scenes with Madison who takes his time getting to know her beautiful body. Madison, she is tied with hands behind back and feet and knees tied together, Amber does her best to keep the vibrator away from her body. In a standing position, one leg lifted and suspended mid-air like an akward, yet graceful crane as Madison enters, and swings her to and fro. She tries to keep her from screwing up again.

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Busty Claire Dames makes her debut at Whippedass submitting to Gianna Lynn. This 36DD hottie plays a captive in the hands of a perverted matron. In shackles and chains, Claire is ordered to clean the filthy shower room. Not satisfied, Gianna punishes her with spankings. She humiliates Claire by making her masturbate in the shower and eating food without utensils on the dirty cage floor.

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Claire Dames has huge tits in case you hadn't noticed. Her ordeal has just gotten started. Pulled out of the cage and bound with her torso pressed against sharp wooden spikes and her tongue tightly clamped, pulling her head up and wrenching her neck back. Nearly spent, she is bent backwards on a flexible rack, with her massive mammaries bound tight with leather straps and clamped again for good measure.

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