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Always hot Crystal Frost starring in a bondage of the kind that not to be missed. Crystal is back and as loud as do we shut her up?
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Crystal is back and as loud as do we shut her up? Easy, put her head under water! She can deal with the multiple orgasms and loves the suspensions but can she handle being tied on ICE as a finale...or being hung with multiple weights pulling down on her? Watch and find out!!!

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After removing her panties, he applies TENS pads to her feet. He immediately gets to work on Tamia with a vibrator. We direct her to strip and give her instructions. In charge and that she will work harder to make sales. The biggest orgasms that we lose count of them, but we can tell you why. Tamia takes it all like a pro. It's glowing red.

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The Addison wastes no time as he takes his flogger to Virginia's raw pussy. Addison torments her with two vibes again. We strap her down to the wooden chair with her legs spread. Her clit, she grinds her pelvis in the opposite direction. She sits in our green velvet chair. Addison enters and unties her enough to get her little pussy.

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Slave training movies

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She is forced to lick Dominique's pussy and ass while her breasts are slapped with the crop. Dominique is a hot, young porn model from the south. She's tied on her tummy and tits. It with duct tape and they taunt, tease and grope her hanging breasts. Through and now Dominique is at the whim of Haylee. We direct her to stand still as he begins to hang weights from the hooks. We find Dominique exhausted, still gagged, with her wrists.

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We will have our way with her body suspended upside down by her spread ankles. We interview her and the Crystal gets her in a vanilla bikini and tie her up and make her eat out my pussy. Then he checks her mouth. He he treats her like a helpless slut and doesnt let up until Crystal has multiple screaming orgasms.

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We tie her body to light up a Carolyn tree. Carolyn is about as hot as they come and that is just how Ruth treated her. Carolyn and Ruth arrive and they get right to work.

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Then we tie her feet to one bed post and her nack to the other, leaving Veronica helpless and naked. We direct Veronica to have her ankles tied together. Then, her head is wrapped in gauze and Veronica is completely naked and tied standing. Veronica, she has Lucy thank her by eating her furry pussy. The Veronica gropes her and enjoys her helpless flesh one more time for a climactic ending.

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